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The East End of Boise is an upscale district that perfectly defines Boise as a historic place but also tells a story of how it can stand out in the modern world. This beautiful place is located on the outskirts of downtown, at the base of the Foothills, and is a famous thirty-nine block residential community of mostly single family home units. Most of the homes here have distinct Craftsman style architecture, while other homes are more historical or modern. Known to be one of the first neighborhoods to have a geothermal supply in the US, this area is still utilized by its residents to this day. The Boise East End is near downtown which is appealing to locals and continues to add to the appeal of this area.

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Living in Boise East End

Boise East End is one of the most historic areas in Boise and known to be the first district to have a geothermal supply of heat to its homes coming from the Table Rock. Prominent water line owners built their beautiful homes on the streets, pumping in the natural hot water coming from Table Rock to construct them. This is where the Warm Springs Avenue received its name, and these are the first homes ever in the US to utilize heat from geothermal supplies. As of today, homes in Warm Springs Ave still enjoy this feature.

Boise East End offers a small town feel in a suburban setting. Its beautiful tree-lined streets complement the area and help to beautify the surroundings by offering a canopy to the motorists and pedestrians. Warm Springs Ave is known to have magnificent well-maintained Queen Anne Victorian homes, many craftsman bungalows, and Mission Revival homes that add to the character of the community. It gives off a unique and distinctive charm only historic places are able to radiate.

Advantages of Living in Boise's East End

  • This neighborhood offers a quiet and serene environment despite its proximity to downtown Boise. 
  • The district is well-maintained to retain its historic feel.
  • Warm Springs Ave continues up to this day supplying heat from geothermal supplies.
  • A beautiful mix of display of homes from European Queen Anne architectural home styles, Craftsman bungalows, Mission Revival and modern homes.
  • Small town comfort, and still a growing community. Simply put, this secret gem has been discovered and many people want to get their hands on it.
  • A nice spot for commercial establishments. With the correct business, right planning and location, this could very well be your next business opportunity.
  • People love the healthy and active lifestyle it offers. People enjoy walking and biking the Boise Greenbelt, the  Foothills, hiking to Table Rock, and activities in Dona Larsen Park. The Warm Springs golf course is also a huge highlight for golf enthusiasts.
  • Great sights to see and discover. The Idaho Botanical Garden features many native plants and hosts many outdoor concerts. Table Rock offers hiking opportunities and a great view of downtown. The Old Idaho Penitentiary was built in 1872, and is now a historical exhibit. Their Winter Garden A Glow features thousands of LED lights during the holidays. There is also an outdoor space called Eagle Rock Park, a very convenient place to have a picnic with your family, or enjoy some outdoor activities.

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