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Discover a convenient and active lifestyle with homes for sale in Downtown Boise, Idaho. The real estate market Downtown has seen a significant increase in housing developments. This piece of Boise offers an impressive selection of homes which include condos, townhomes and lofts. With Boise being featured many times as one of the cities that offer a great lifestyle to its residents, it’s no wonder that people would like to experience the lifestyle. Enjoy a peaceful and great life in this quaint neighborhood where people celebrate each other’s thoughtfulness and the small-town feel it offers. Find your new home at Check out our listings below, and feel free to reach out if you need more information.

Downtown Boise Homes for Sale

Advantages of Living in Downtown Boise

Downtown Boise has become the center of attraction as it offers a lot of opportunities, not only in employment and entertainment but also for housing opportunities. Living in Downtown Boise will give you an urban living experience, and a lifestyle you will fall in love with. With everything within reach, downtown Boise living is a great choice especially if you are consistently on the go, and would also enjoy a comforting spot to look forward to coming home to. Know why other people love living here in Downtown Boise:

  • A variety of selections to choose from. Downtown Boise has many condos, townhomes, single homes, and lofts to offer. Depending on your needs, you will always have something to choose from. 
  • A beautiful pause from a busy routine. Downtown Boise offers a lot of beautiful downtown views from vintage establishments that tell its own age by the looks of it, the beautiful views of downtown Boise itself that complements the whole urban neighborhood and the famous Boise Foothills. From a busy life, people enjoy a nice pause and get to relax as well. The vibrance of the city radiates everyone’s mood. From street murals, a combination of vintage and modern architecture, to the museums and galleries - downtown is home to many different masterpieces.
  • Convenience to Dining, Shopping and Entertainment. As Downtown Boise is the center of business, easy access to such establishments is very convenient. People can just walk or bike around the city as everything is nearby, as well as their homes. Not to mention, the restaurants -  They will not disappoint you with their local taste and flavor of farm-to-table dishes, all fresh and organic. 
  • Ease of mind from safety and security concerns. Boise is known to have a low to zero crime rate which makes the locals, residents and visitors feel safe wherever they explore.
  • It offers an active lifestyle. It is hard to resist the area when the availability and convenience of one of the largest parks, Julia Davis Park, and the Ann Morrison Park, are just around the corner. Boise Foothills continues to catch your gaze in the background, and is an obvious choice for spending time with friends and family. There are also plenty of bike rental opportunities, and it is very notable that locals love to commute this way as well. There are also a lot of different yoga and fitness centers which make it apparent that folks here live a very active lifestyle. This may be a small city, but their love for the outdoors is big.  
  • Convenience to top ranking schools and Boise State University. Education and sports is taken very seriously here in Boise. It is home to some of the best top ranking school districts. Boise State University is a main focus in this area.
  • Downtown Boise Brews. Downtown Boise has access to countless breweries and coffee shops that locals spend a significant amount of time enjoying with their community. 

Downtown Boise may not be your typical downtown city, but it speaks volumes with its character and sense of community. Experience Downtown Boise through us.

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