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The Boise Bench is a location that perfectly describes how the place looks - the appearance of a step or literally a bench! The Bench area of Boise sits 60 feet higher than downtown Boise and that is how it got its name. This beautiful “step” location is home to many eclectic home styles ranging from mid-century modern, historic estates, to new construction. Beautiful streets offer old charming Cape Cods, mid-century modern ranches, and traditional yet classic beauties. With easy accessibility to Downtown Boise, opportunities are endless here on the Boise Bench.

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Advantages of Living on the Boise Bench

Once a desert area with no water supply, is now a rich land full of homes, businesses and agricultural landscapes, even producing a variety of crops namely, prunes, apples, peaches and cherries and a variety of vegetables. Ridenbaugh Canal has been used to supply water to the land which helped it thrive and enabled more people to finally live comfortably in the area.

This district was also one of Boise’s early suburbs. It may not be as prestigious as the North End or the East End but it sure brings a different charm.

The Bench features a mix of unique homes in different architectural designs showing off their age’s beauty from Cape Cod, Colonial Revival, Spanish Revival, Ranch, Tudor and Brick homes. These beautiful homes, especially those built around the 1930s to 1950s, bring a different character and charm to the district, and have dubbed the Bench as “the other North End.” 

Boise Bench made names for having nice and prestigious neighborhoods. The Boise Depot Bench neighborhood is situated close to the Depot which includes beautiful and elegant homes located on Crescent Rim Drive offers unobstructed views of Boise. The Hillcrest, is known as one of Boise’s most prestigious golf courses with a community; Crestview, Randolph-Robertson, a Mid-Century Modern charm and class; and Country Club Manor neighborhoods offer beautiful homes with unique charm and all with easy access to Downtown Boise, amenities, modern facilities and top ranking schools.

This district also offers an active lifestyle. It is also home to many parks which include Cassia Park, Shoshone Park, Borah Park, Kathryn Albertson and Ann Morrison Park. These parks offer different activities to individuals, families and visitors of the Bench. 

As downtown Boise is just down the hill, there is even more access to many establishments, restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers. The opportunity here is vast, such as business and employment.

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