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Townhomes in Boise, Idaho offer the best quality of life one can have. They feature the perfect combination of amenities that a condo and home have. If your lifestyle requires more privacy than a condo, and potentially more security than a piece of property then the concept of a townhome is a great fit. Here in Boise, there are a lot of townhomes that offer more than what is featured in most condos, and some similarities to what is offered in many single-family homes - a comfortable and low maintenance lifestyle, with the unbeatable view of the Boise Foothills. Find your new townhome with us at! We are more than happy to help you. Start your townhome ventures with us by checking out our townhomes for sale in Boise below!

Boise Townhomes for Sale

Advantages of Boise Townhome Living

What does it mean to live in a townhome? This is one of the questions a lot of people are asking when they consider buying in Boise. What makes it different than living in a condo or a typical home? 

Deciding what type of living space is right for your lifestyle is a huge decision. Living in Boise townhomes give you more perks and benefits than other states in the US. In fact, you may never feel like you are living in a townhome because:

  1. People living in Boise townhomes, like the rest of the people here in Boise, Idaho, are all respectful and love a quiet and serene environment. They are not as loud and disturbing unlike other busier cities in the US. 
  2. It offers a low maintenance lifestyle with a splash of your own design. Like other townhomes, the HOA takes care of the exterior and yard maintenance but if you want to design the interiors and even exteriors of your home, you are more than welcome to express yourself. 
  3. State of the art amenities are well-maintained like that of a home, and with elegance of a condo. Townhomes offer the best amenities to its residents. They have swimming pools, fitness centers, clubhouses - all maintained by the HOA. 
  4. The location is very convenient to many shopping centers, grocery stores and recreational parks. Perhaps even your workplace!Townhome locations are strategic and offer convenience to its residents considering the needs of the children, the whole family and the workforce who help the city grow economically.
  5. It offers a sense of community. Townhomes here offer more convenient life and promote neighborhood relationships. 
  6. It creates a safer environment and an even safer community. There is an overwhelming sense of kindness from people here in Boise. Even people on the street will say hello and share a smile. It also makes it quite a bit safer, as everyone tends to look after each other’s properties and especially that of their neighbor’s. 
  7. Boise itself has low to no crime rate rating. Known as a safe place to live, Boiseans love the fact that they are safe and secure wherever they go and wherever they live because their crime rates are very low.
  8. The views of Boise Foothills. The magnificent views on the Foothills help create a serene and tranquil environment that Boiseans love and are proud of. Plus the fact that the backyards are well-maintained and beautifully landscaped, would it matter that you are in a townhome?
  9. The lifestyle it offers to those who own homes are the same - an active lifestyle with the comfort of living your own property in a more affordable way. The convenience to the recreational parks and the opportunity to hike in the Boise Foothills are endless.
  10. Boise has the best top-ranking schools in town. Wherever part of Boise Townhome you are living, Boise schools offer the best education. Your children will always be handled by one of the best schools in Boise.
  11. The simple lifestyle with the benefits or comfortable and urban living is great for retirees and seniors. Because of its low-maintenance, Boise townhomes offer a more care-free lifestyle to its residents and can be ideal for seniors.
  12. It is more affordable than a home but it has the benefits of living in a single-family home. With the cost of living rising all over the US, townhomes offer an affordable and practical option. 

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