Boise and Ada County 2010 Real Estate Statistics

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The graphs above show the statistics for Ada County real estate in 2010.

The first showcases the total number of homes sold in Ada County by month in 2010.  Note the increase in homes sold last year in Ada County between the months of March and June.  These are historically good months for real estate in the Boise area, but the main reason for the spike in sales might be due to the tax credit offered last year.  Total closed sales for 2010 in Ada County is 6,091.

The second graph which depicts the average sold price of homes in Ada County is interesting as well.  You can actually see a dip in the sales prices for the same months between March and June.  This information helps to back up the increase in sales for tax credit buyers which were mainly first time home buyers.  First time home buyers are typically purchasing homes at a lower sales price then seasoned home buyers in Boise.  The average sales price for Ada County in 2010 is $184,612.

The last graph covers the average days on market for homes in Ada County.  As you can see the number is relatively consistent throughout the year with the average days on market for the entire year in Ada County being 83 days.

Tomorrow I’ll recap where we sit at today and how those numbers compare to last year.

Chase Craig

Boise Idaho Real Estate


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